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Today is the last day for XServe

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Xserve image

Yes, it is not a joke. From Apple site you can learn that Apple won’t develop a new version of XServe. Any order of XServe after January 31, 2011 won’t be accepted.

However, two transition options will be present:

  • Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server : this solution can surpass in terms of performance XServe.
  • Mac Mini with Snow Leopard : this solution has become the most Interesting Apple’s Server Solution. It is suitable for small business and Workgroups cases. Just one Mac Mini, despite of its small dimension, can offer a so sufficient server solution.

This decision can be justified by these tables :

  • the first table analyses MacPro Performance vs. XServe one:
  • The second table analyses Mac Mini Performance vs. XServe one:
  • The third table shows the different products prices for a standard configuration:

  • Finally, this table presents the different services supported by each product :
  • You can download the XServe transition guide here.

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