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Certificate validation error can cause broken images in reporting services reports

January 16, 2016 Leave a comment


I am so happy to meet WordPress readers again!

In some reports, images components are configured as external links but using https protocol. The links are working fine using different browsers and the public certificate is validated.

However using external links with http protocol are working correctly while executing reports. After googling the issue, I could find some answers speaking about Configuring the Unattended Execution Account to allow access to external ressources from reports like UNC files.

In my case, no proxy, no authentication are required to access web ressources.

On the reporting server, I opened an exetrnal link in the browser and bingo!!!!; my certificate could not be validated. I was obliged to install the root certificate on my server to have the certificate validated.

After that, the images were displayed correctly finally!

Hope it helps!