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New HP P2000 Performance Tool

June 22, 2012 2 comments

In an important virtualization project, my colleagues have encountered some problems with P2000. The purpose was to develop an Hyper-V Cluster in a primary site and replicate the data (Virtual machines disks) to another site.

The replication is based on the out of the box P2000 features. So it is hardware based. There were some problems with the replication in such way that in some cases it was not possible to mount the LUNs. The chorum disk is lost. So the machines don’t work and the cluster is also lost.

I have searched some tools measuring and monitoring the performances of the P2000 arrays. As the Web interface is so poor in terms of statistics and doesn’t provide any interesting data about performances, HP provides this wonderful tool allowing better monitoring.

the description of this tool is as follows :

This Windows Smart Component installs HP P2000 MSA Performance tool on a Windows system. HP P2000 MSA Performance Tool simplifies the monitoring of performance across multiple HP P2000 G3 MSA arrays. After discovering arrays in either the local subnet or specified IP address range, you can use the Performance Tool to do the following: Obtain a snapshot (sample) of current configuration information and statistics for a specific array, Collect performance data in specified, regular intervals for an array. Data is collected for array host ports, controllers, vdisks, volumes, and drives. Using the collection of data, you can graph the performance data against different metrics, such as I/O per second and CPU load. Information collected for each array is stored in comma-separated values (CSV) files, for easy export and use with third-party tools.

Finally, you can download the tool in its last version from this link.