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Integrating OWA WebParts into a SharePoint 2010 Site

October 17, 2010 4 comments

For a SharePoint 2010 project, a need was to integrate a webpart allowing a user to consult his mails.
Since I haven’t worked on SharePoint 2007 for a long time, I have really forgotten the manner to integrate OWA Webparts which are OOB (Out Of the Box).
This feature is just available for SharePoint 2010 Std and Ent editions.
And if you want to insert a OWA Webpart in a Team site you won’t find by default the group associated to the last feature. Since I haven’t find a direct link for my problem, I have spent much time to consult the different OOB features without finding any solution.
Finally, I found this excellent link ( which remembered a so obvious thing : The WebParts Gallery.
So, you have just to access at Site Actions > Site Settings > Galleries | Web parts in the top site level.
In the gallery library, go to Documents > New Document from the ribbon and select your preferred Webparts, and that’s all. Just a remark about the interface which is not user friendly since you are obliged to browse sequentially all the WebParts List.
After that, select a region to insert your WebPart and open the tool panel if necessary to configure some parameters.
For the Inbox WebPart, you have for example to configure the owa site url.