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Gradual Site Delete Job definition in SharePoint

August 30, 2012 Leave a comment


This post is interesting for the SharePoint administrators working on SharePoint 2010 or 2013.

As you know SharePoint sites (as all ECM systems) and their contents are stored into SQL Server tables.

If you intend to delete big collection sites, this involves sql deletion requests expressed into stored procedures.

SQL server defines some rules like those related to locks ad their escalation according to the treated data amount. So if the collection site that should be deleted is so big so the numbers of rows to be deleted is consequently also big. In this case the locks can freeze your SQL Server and all related SharePoint sites.

To optimize the deletion operation, an obvious solution was introduced in SharePoint 2010 and consists of deleting in the first time logically the site and after that gradually deleting the site contents.

this is done via the Gradual Site Delete Job definition.

By default, every day this job is executed and deletes 1000 rows of the site collection content database.

Q:But how to invoke it?

R:How to do that without PowerShell?

You have just to execute the following command : Remove-SPSite  -Identity “URL” -GradualDelete

Even your site collection is not big, try to use this method to avoid your infrastructure disruption.