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Mac OS Server is really so wonderful

January 18, 2011 8 comments

Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard box.

I have started recently to read some books on Mac OS Snow Leopard Server (10.6) and I have found a great comparison between two solutions for implementing a collaborative solution offering web collaboration and mailing functionalities.

Here is the comparison table (from Snow Leopard Server of Daniel Ergan Dilger) between a Windows based solution and another based on the Mac OS technology :

image XserveApple needs some years to become a real concurrent in the servers world with the big HP, IBM and Dell. Here is an excellent link to have an idea.

Mac OS Server is a complete solution proposing a big number of functionalities : Mail, Web, iChat, iCal, Address Book Server, QuickTime Streaming, etc.

Mac OS Server offers other advanced functionalities (integrated natively) like XGrid to create grids. To create SAN architectures, Apple proposes also XSan (not integrated natively).

I will, inchaaEllah, give details about each wonderful functionality in the coming posts.