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Via docker, I noticed that Mono 4.2.1 is faster than Mono 3.2.8


Hi again,

I am developping a prototype of micrsoservices running into docker containers. These micrsoservices process files operations using WCF. It will be perhaps the topic of future articles incha Ellah.

On my Ubuntu 15.04 machine I have installed Mono 3.2.8 shiped with Monodevelop. I installed docker and the latest mono image from the hub.

To study the overhead of my microservice, the same web service was also executed on my host. A windows application was used to consume the web services.

According to my tests when writing sequentially files, I noticed that my docker webservice responded faster than my webservice on the host.

As the docker container is sharing the same kernel as my host, I consulted the version of the mono installed in the image from which I created my container using this command:

docker exec -it “myDockerName or ID” mono –version

Bingo!!! Mono 4.2.1 was installed into my container. To verify that my hypothesis is correct, I updated my Mono on the host. The results were similar finally!

Thank you docker! And thank you Mono!

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