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iPhone 5 is a reality with more surprises!

Hi my dear readers,

Today is a big day for Apple with its iPhone 5!

When I read the new functionalities and innovations that are integrated into the iPhone 5, My love becomes bigger for Apple and my dream is to be one of its engineers. A very big dream really!

First of all, I invite you consult this great  table  that compares specifications between iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

You will notice that iPhone 5 is bigger than the last versions but thiner and lighter; a very nice design.

Thanks to the site I have discovered the LTE new technology  that allows us to be easily in and download more quickly.

I have appreciated also the 3D maps application: 

However, as I have a big problem with my ears that can’t support the existing headphones, Apple has solved for me this big problem with the new EarPods. I love you Apple!

with this new design, and the idea of the two vents, the sound is amplified and consequently ” you hear deeper, richer bass tones”.

Very awesome inovations. It is just my own opinion: Apple is the best!

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