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InMon SFlow extension for Hyper-V 3 Part 2


In the last post, I have introduced the SFlow protocol and the solution developed by InMon for Hyper-V3.

Let us see in this post how to install it.

First of all, we have to understand the architecture of the InMon solution described by this image:

As you can see, InMon solution is a virtual switch extension. This new architecture provided by Hyper-V3 allows us to integrate special treatment on the network stack for QoS purposes for instance. We can for example integrate new protocols and so forth.

An other important element is the agent which is installed on each Hyper-V machine. its purpose is to send collected data from the virtual switch to a collector installed on another machine.

In our case, we’ll use the Sflow Trend provided freely by InMon on this link.

And new let us start:

  • Download the SFlow extension from this link.

  • Install the SFlow extension and agent on each Hyper-V3 machine.
  • On the parameters page, you have to introduce the collector machine, the polling interval and the sampling rate as SFlow is based on the sampling principle. For this reason we say that the data provided does not reflect  exactly your network status. these parameters can be changed through the registry.
  • After installing the agent, you have to select the appropriate virtual switches and select the extensions part to check the sFlow Traffic monitoring parameter.
  • Download sFlow Trend and install it on the collector server.
  • Wait for some minutes and launch the sFlow Tend console to discover the beautiful results.
  • Charts is one of the most important data views that allows you to analyze your network according to the Top connections and the according protocols.
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