I am not a tuxman, but I have appreciated really the apt-get tool in Ubunto which allowed me to download and install any tool from the APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) store without configuring dependencies or other related installation problems. Other interesting tools also exist like RPM (Red Hat distribution), Yum (Yellow Dog), etc.

In the Mac OS world, if you want to install UNIX applications, you can use MacPorts Line command tool. Nowadays, there are more than 7600 ports (applications). I have discovered this great project when I had to install ettercap tool.

to install ettercap tool for example, you have just to execute the following steps:

  1. synchronise your installation with the macports store : “$ sudo port selfupdate”
  2. install the ettercap tool : “$ sudo port install ettercap-ng”

The MacPorts is available here :

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